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Hello World · 2879 days ago by Whitney

Thanks to Daniel, my blog is back. ROXXORZ!

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You're Not Actually Voting for President · 2971 days ago by Whitney

Let me tell you a story about the electoral college, and one of the main reasons I’ve contemplated not participating in this years presidential elections. First, a little US history (honestly, most of this blog will be US history). Before the Constitution was written the colonies used the Articles of Confederation. This eventually caused a lot of drama between the states and federal government leading to the Philadelphia Convention where the Constitution as we know it comes from. While he was waiting for the Convention to convene, James Madison came up with the idea of population-weighted representation and put it in the Virginia Plan (which went onto become a main part of the Constitution.) Many of the framers did not want to give the people the power to directly elect the executive. Some wanted to give that power to state legislators, others to congress. The electoral college was a compromise. The 12th amendment lays out a system where electors from each state vote for president and vice-president.

Each state gets the same number of electors as congressmen, and each state gets at least 3. There are very few provisions as to how electors get appointed. Normally electors are party loyalists who are appointed at party conventions and sworn to vote for that parties candidate. When you vote in the presidential election you don’t actually vote for a candidate, you vote for an elector who is pledged to vote for that candidate. In most states, whichever candidate wins the state election gets all of the electoral votes for that state. Because of this it is possible for a candidate to loose the national popular vote but still win the election. In the 2004 election it would have been legal for the electoral college of Florida to cast their votes before the popular vote was decided.

Now, I’m sure all this hoopla seemed like a good idea at the time, and I can still see some arguments for it (such as – the populace is stupid). However, it seems like in the age of effective, time-efficient ways of tallying the national popular vote and keeping with the conceit that the people should actually elect their leader we should just go by the popular vote and do away with the electoral college. That, and, the electoral college seems to me to perpetuate our current system of bipartisan politics which I personally despise.

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